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Doggy, Eat the Kitty! The Timeless Battle Between Cats and Dogs

August 22, 2012

Some stereotypes are cruel and close-minded, but some exist for a reason. Take, for example, writers as crazy cat ladies. It is totally true. We are all crazy cat ladies, and those who say they are not are either lying or ignoring their destiny.

Recently, however, I discovered something quite shocking. Crazy cat ladies can fall into the “dog people” category too, and I am one of them.

I have two children (Er, cats – did I say children?). Their names are Pancakes and Ritzy. Pancakes I love and adore, while Ritzy is just terrible. Once he managed to poop underneath my roommate’s pillow. I am not joking. She left her room for a total of one minute and twenty-seven seconds, and he immediately ran in and dropped a deuce. We’re pretty sure he was laughing when he did it. He also eats all of Pancakes’ food, cries insolently at all times, and would have already killed me in his sleep if he knew how to operate a switchblade.

Several months ago I thought long and hard about my possession of two cats. I mean, even for a writer, two cats is a little much. To combat my stereotype as a crazy cat lady, I rescued a dog. He is a lovable black Labrador/pit mix, and he’s the kind of animal a normal, non-crazy cat lady owns. Also, Archer came with a really big plus – there was a chance, no matter how small, that Archer might eat Ritzy.

To my great consternation, Archer did not live up to his vicious pit bull nature (They’re great dogs, in fact – that’s one of the mean stereotypes). He rudely refuses to eat Ritzy. In fact, when Archer is fed, he moves aside for Ritzy to share the bowl. He sleeps on the hard floor so Ritzy can have his pillow. And he licks Ritzy without biting to get to the peanut-buttered flavored center I have assured him is there. In short, Archer is a bad, bad dog.

As I sit here writing this post with my three animals lying at my feet, Ritzy staring up at me with his big, dumb cow eyes, I think about stereotypes. As a creative person, I will always be a cat person. I love that my cats are low maintenance and independent. And as an extrovert, I am also a dog person. Archer gives me the fodder to talk to strangers on the street. Each type of pet provides a unique benefit, and my appreciation of each offering reflects a different facet of my personality.

It’s entirely possible to fall into two different stereotypes at the same time. Being able to do so, and to recognize that, helps us own up to our identities. Sometimes it isn’t possible to be one thing or the other, and sometimes it is better to be both.


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  1. I was going to congratulate you on the agent but then I scrolled down and you had me at crazy cat lady, but sunk me with pit mix so I had to comment her rather than above. Especially seeing that no one else did comment. OH MY GOD ARE YOU CRAZY A PIT BULL WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?

    Did you hear that from anyone? You must have. My husband’s family has been to the house in FIVE years since we got our pit/lab/mastiff/scaredofthecats mix. I grew up with pits. It was the only dog we ever owned. So I totally knew how wonderful they are. The husband took some convincing but now knows we have the best dog ever (she really is even though she won’t eat HIS mean grey kitty and I’ve told her repeatedly that cat is full of COOKIES).

    Congratulations on the wonderful, adorable dog as well as the agent!

    • Pits really are great dogs most of the time. And most people don’t have that reaction because to everyone (especially our apartment complex), he is a “Lab mix” – ha!

      You should try putting peanut butter on the mean gray kitty’s head and then beckoning to the dog. We may or may not have done that to Ritzy once.

  2. I should have said “My husband’s family hasn’t been to the house”. Not has. They won’t come over anymore.

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