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The Best Cure for Stress: Kitties and Puppies!

September 29, 2012

“What? The camera adds ten pounds.”

Well folks, I have now officially been on submission for going on four weeks! I haven’t been sleeping that well, I’m a bit irritable, and pimples keep sprouting up in all sorts of interesting places.

Stress can make people react in all sorts of ways. They snap at questions asked, forget the left shoe when leaving the apartment in the morning, and have difficulty sitting still without twitching (Think Tweak from South Park). Stress affects us physically as well as mentally.

The best cure for stress, in my opinion, is pictures of adorable animals. Sure these critters would never get a million youtube hits like “Dancing Kitty Cat” or “Surprised Kitty” (yes, you should check those out….), but they’re mine and I love them.

Yes, I’m a writer, and yes I want to be a published writer (very soon). But sometimes as a writer, it’s important to acknowledge that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously…..

“Human Servant Lady, you go wash your hands elsewhere. That’s RIGHT!”

“Guess which one of us has to get up in five minutes to go to work.”

“This is my impersonation of a cockroach.”

“Yes, I will have a martini and converse like a normal social person who would never dedicate a whole web post to pets. That would be weird!”

“Help! A BEAR! Why are you standing there taking pictures?”

“But Mother, I love him! I mean, I know he pees all over Scott’s possessions, but whatever…”

“I want to pet the rabbit, George.”


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  1. Oh no – does he really pee all over Scott’s stuff? Poor Scott. 😦

    These are some great pictures – I think the sink one is my fave. One of my cats used to do that when she was youger. At ten, the sink seems to have lost it’s charm.

    Fingers crossed for you on those subs. Sending good publishy thoughts your way!

  2. Oh, I’ve been there! It’s TORTURE. You’re doing everything right though…. cute puppies and kitties. And martinis. Especially those. Keeping all my parts crossed for you!

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