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NanoWrite Month Divided by Two

October 28, 2012

November is a very special time of year for writers. It illuminates just how sick and twisted we are. See, November is National Novel Writing Month (“NanoWrite Month”). During the thirty days of November, writers from all over the world seek a common objective: to write a novel, at least fifty thousand words in length, in one month. By registering on the website, writers can post a synopsis of their work, report their word count progress, and connect with other writers. (A lot of regional groups have get-togethers at coffee shops and bars and such).

I was so excited about National Novel Writing Month this year. I found it enticing for two reasons: one, because I have a great idea for a fun new middle grade book; and two, because it would distract me from the submission process. I uploaded my profile on the website, wrote my book’s outline, and began counting the days.

Then something happened. My agent set up a call. He wanted to discuss the submission process and my outline and progress on my second to-be-submitted middle grade novel, WOUNDED. Always delighted to talk to Charlie, with his radio-quality voice, amazing ideas, and boundless enthusiasm, I looked forward to the call as the highlight of my Friday.

Dangit, Charlie! NanoWrite Month is ruined! We had a great talk about WOUNDED, and it gave me such wonderful ideas and inspiration that I am no longer participating in NanoWrite Month. I’m keeping my focus on WOUNDED, because I am lucky enough to have both a fabulous agent who believes in it and the direction to finish a draft soon. I just hit 21,000 words, and I’m looking at a mid-November finish date for the first draft. (Note – I recognize it will then need more work).

If I really do finish WOUNDED in mid-November, I will likely participate in a NanoWrite half-month. I love the idea of writers coming together from all over the world, and I look forward to having a beer with the Washington, D.C. group. At least I can cheer on everyone else!

The website for NanoWrite Month is at: It’s definitely worth checking out.



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