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CAREER DAZE is GROUNDHOG’S DAY meets BIG for a middle grade audience. When a stranger gives eleven year-old Sam a magical playing card, Sam has the chance to solve his family’s money problems. All he has to do master seven lessons, embedded in careers he experiences firsthand when he walks through the school doors with the card in his pocket.

At his school’s Future You Day Fair, Sam meets Monica. Among the adults showing off fun gadgets and displays, she occupies an empty table and offers him a single playing card. If he walks through the school doors with it, he’ll find himself living a career. They come with lessons, and if Sam masters seven of them, his family’s money problems will disappear. Sam’s dad lost his job and stresses the need to cut corners, which Sam worries includes his expensive, but wonderful, school.

Never one to trust strangers, especially those promising the impossible, Sam shoves the card into his pocket and forgets about it. When he walks through the school doors the next day, however, he’s a stuntman jumping the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle. After that, he’s a master chef . . .

Turns out, Monica was serious about the careers, and also about Sam learning seven lessons to get the dough needed to keep him at the school he loves. She is not, however, the person pulling the strings in this mystery, and the clues that appears on the card after each completed lesson point to the mysterious benefactor. Soon, Sam wants to get to the finish lesson for two reasons: to solve his family’s money problems, and to learn who picked him for this crazy adventure.


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