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(THE MASTER LIST – Advanced MG – 57,000)

THE MASTER LIST is BRIDGET JONES meets THE WITCHES. It was the runner-up in the San Francisco Writers Conference’s Indie Publishing Contest.

Emma’s not big on poetry, so she finds it weird that her poem was good enough to score her a spot at a weekend writing conference. It’s even weirder that when she arrives at the conference, the phones are dead and the hotel locked from the outside.

Emma wasn’t lured to the hotel to get hacked to bits. This is an induction. Emma is one of the newest members of an ancient underground female society – the Luxens. Each Luxen possesses a unique “gift” of supernatural origin, like the ability to predict the future, sense danger, or teleport. The Luxens have male counterparts, the Terrens, but they’re not exactly boyfriend material. Long ago the Terrens tried to exterminate the Luxens because the Luxens didn’t agree that gifts should be used to attain power.

Emma’s a little skeptical. As far as she knows, her only gift is unmatched sarcasm. And mortal enemies? Blonde bimbo Maggie from school is more than enough to handle, thank you very much.

The reality of the situation hits when Emma’s gift appears. She’s the only Luxen who possesses it, which is cool, but it’s almost impossible to master, which is majorly uncool.

Having a disobedient gift isn’t Emma’s biggest problem. The Terrens have lodged the first large-scale attack against the Luxens in centuries. They’re picking them off one by one, and the Luxens are planning a Terren takedown. Every Luxen who identifies a Terren can join the attack. With Emma’s unique gift, she needs to rise to the challenge of solving this deadly mystery or watch her new society fall.


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