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LISSA BLACK is JUMANJI meets GOONIES, a fast-paced adventure where board games come alive and winning your life depends on applying monster movie rules of survival.

Seventh grader Lissa Black sees the world through the lens of a camera. Dedicated to realizing her destiny as the next great director/screenwriter/producer (she can do it all!), she’s stoked when her play is chosen for her school’s fall production. But before school even begins, her parents uproot the family to move into Aunt Lucy’s old house in Freeburg, Pennsylvania, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town where the Blacks’ house is downwind from the neighbor’s cow pens.

Freeburg quickly proves not so boring after all. It starts with the discovery of a board game in the basement. Called Monsterville, it’s a jacked-up twist on Candyland that even Google can’t find. Then, as Lissa trolls the woods behind her house, she encounters a swamp monster so real it belongs in a Blockbuster. Lissa convinces her neighbor, Adam – literally, a huge Boy Scout – to explore the woods for “turtles,” and the two encounter a Sasquatch.

Adam helps Lissa rig a trap. They’re floored to realize there aren’t hordes of monsters in their woods, just one – a small goblin named Monster with the awesome ability to change shapes. They take care of Monster, now rechristened Blue by Lissa’s four year-old sister Haylie, because the little guy needs loving care.

Lissa and Adam soon find that Blue comes from Down Below, the land beneath the world’s floorboards where monsters live. Through Blue, Lissa realizes that Monsterville isn’t just a game. It’s a blueprint created by someone who, long ago, escaped from Down Below.

When Haylie is snatched, Lissa and her crew storm Down Below, armed only with Monsterville’s direction and Lissa’s knowledge of monster movie rules. They need to get Haylie and get the heck on out of there by daybreak…when anyone caught Down Below changes into a monster.

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